Creating Fan Experiences

In 1999, 2002, and 2005, devoted fans stood outside of Hollywood’s Chinese Theatre for weeks – waiting eagerly for the next installment of the fabled Star Wars saga, and gathering in force to celebrate the next piece of cinematic history. Since 1977, lining up has been a hallmark of the Star Wars experience. – the organizers of the enormously successful Star Wars prequel lines – once again stood in line in 2015, this time for Star Wars: The Force Awakens and raised money for their long time charity partner, Starlight Children’s Foundation. With visits from Star Wars cast – including Ray ‘Darth Maul’ Park challenging fans to a lighsaber duel – The event at the TCL became ground zero for Star Wars fans. 2016 saw an event for Rogue One, with preparation underway for a host of events for Episode VIII.

This is only the start of the next chapter as we gear up for our next line events, which one will you join?


Why line up at all? You can just get reserved tickets!

Sure, we could. We could reserve our seats online, and show up 5 minutes before midnight. For the vast majority of moviegoers, that will be their experience but the fan experience can be so much more than that!

For us, this is about following traditions from 1977, gathering old and new friends together to share in the excitement of seeing a new favorite movie together in the best movie theatre in the world. The lines see daily events and visitors, all while raising money for charity.

Join us. Experience the line. And find out why the journey is as important as the destination.